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Kitchen Design

Oklahoma Outdoor Kitchen Design

Take cooking and grilling outdoors to a new level with a custom Oklahoma outdoor kitchen built right into your backyard paradise! The vision for a backyard has evolved from grass and patio furniture to an outdoor entertainment space that extends from your home. An outdoor kitchen incorporated into your outdoor living space adds tremendous value to your home and provides a unique and creative way to cook outdoors while entertaining friends and family. Since entertaining outdoors in Oklahoma has never been more popular, a custom stone outdoor kitchen by Green Acre Sod Farm is exactly what you need to impress your friends and family in style!

Extremely Versatile

Outdoor kitchens are extremely versatile in their application. Green Acre Sod Farm’s hardscaping experts can help design the perfect outdoor kitchen with all the amenities that you want—creating the dream cooking space that can only be unique to your home. We can incorporate appliances such as refrigerators, grills, cook tops, drawers, trash compactors, and much more—you are only limited by your imagination!

Whether your outdoor kitchen idea(s) are for a new home construction or for the home you grew up in, it is extremely important to select the correct type of stone you should use. Interlocking paver stones and natural stones both have unique characteristics and properties that could make your outdoor kitchen extraordinary, and Green Acre Sod Farm can help you select the right type of stone for your Oklahoma outdoor kitchen that will maximize the space of your hardscape paradise.

Natural Stone Outdoor Kitchens

Naturally occurring stones are a preferred alternative to concrete for outdoor kitchens for many reasons. Natural building stone is low maintenance, it never needs to be painted, and it never rots, fades, warps, or becomes brittle. Since durability is such a critical issue for an outdoor kitchen, natural building stones are an ideal choice for building a custom outdoor kitchen. Some of the strongest building materials known, which make them ideal for an outdoor kitchen where hotter temperatures may be present from cooking. Outdoor kitchens built with Green Acre Sod Farm’s natural quarry stones are built to last, and will provide a more pleasant, natural look to your outdoor kitchen project.

grill in outdoor kitchen

Outdoor Kitchens with Interlocking Pavers

To achieve the perfect customized outdoor kitchen, interlocking paving stones (sometimes called brick pavers) offer a more labor-friendly solution. They have a look of natural stone but large scale production makes them available at a price point appealing to most any homeowner. In the event that your outdoor kitchen needs repair work or cleaning, it is only necessary to remove a stone or two depending on the size of the paving stone. This means that only the stones needed to gain access will be removed and then replaced immediately in a flawless fashion without changing the look or design of your kitchen design. This is different with some paving methods, such as natural stone. If repair work is needed on a natural stone outdoor kitchn, a greater challenge exists to reassemble the unit to its original design once the cleaning or repair work is done.

Among the various range of architectural products in the market, paving stones are included in the list of products that are manufactured based on the American Society for Testing and Materials standard. This is why after testing it, more information about paving stones reveals that it is approximately four times stronger than concrete and about 10 to 12 times better than asphalt when it comes to material strength.