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Walkways & Paths

Natural Flagstones

A flagstone walkway leading up to your doorstep provides a beautiful, natural lookthat compliments the natural aesthetics of any landscape. The primary reason that Oklahoma homeowners use flagstone for walkways is to provide a more natural feel for their home’s landscape.

This material lends an air of elegance to any project. Flagstones are especially ideal for walkways and paths because of their appearance and inherent durability. Using flagstones will surely provide a natural elegance to your home!

One of the reasons why people prefer flagstones over other kinds of materials is its natural vintage look. These stones come in many different sizes as well as colors to provide a kind of shimmer that is quite pleasing to anyone’s eye. Some people like to mix and match different colors, shapes, and sizes of flagstones to create a unique pattern. View our flagstone photo gallery.

Interlocking Pavers

Walkways constructed from interlocking paver stones is a great way to add a modern atmosphere to your residential landscape while creating curb appeal and value to your home. Hardscape walkways and paths provide maximum flexibility to create a unique visual interest, and are easier to replace or repair if damaged compared to traditional concrete. Steps and walkways are also the perfect complement to gardens, patios, outlining flower beds, and more.

Installation is much easier compared to laying traditional concrete, and replacement is even easier, ensuring that your hardscape investment is protected with minimal maintenance (if necessary).